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The decision to divorce, or to dissolve your civil partnership, is a major life choice, and it is not one you will take without thinking very carefully. But, once you have made that choice, you will find that the legal process is quite simple, it does not question your choice, or ask you to justify it.


In April 2022 divorce law and the procedure you need to follow to get divorced were simplified a great deal. The divorce courts no longer make any attempt whatever to establish the reasons for the breakdown of your marriage, or to apportion responsibility for it. You simply say that in your honest opinion your marriage has irretrievably broken and commence with an application for divorce, There are various waiting times as you go through the process, doubtless intended to make sure that you are certain of your decision. Overall it will probably take about eight or nine months.


If you and your husband or wife both feel your marriage has broken, down you have the choice to  make a joint application for a divorce. Otherwise one of you can apply, and the other is not given the option of refusing to divorce, even if that s what they would prefer.


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